About Us

Welcome to molomart

We are a family owned company and online store For Ice maker ,Fittings and Local Repair Services!  We operate Professional online website in the nation. We also have retail Super Stores . one location in Los Angeles .due to our focus on fast and quality customer service and the offering products at great prices.  Both of our Super Stores have over 2,000 square foot of showroom with huge classrooms to host weekly machine classes and monthly events.

We are proud to bring you the most competitive pricing but also aim to provide the right products suited to your individual needs. Our mission is to have experts available to help answer any sewing or vacuum related question you may have. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and treat every customer like family. It is our pleasure to serve you, both in our store and on the internet. We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable staff for home and electronics on-line.

For the ultimate shopping experience, please visit one of our retail locations or call us toll free for expert assistance.

Top quality products
Best customer service
30-days money back guarantee.

Our Goal

We aim to provide long-lasting products at a low cost that work for years after you make your purchase. Many of our products come with a limited time warranty and our reinforced fans in certain products all come with a lifetime warranty. With innovative designs and technology, we have been able to offer the most user-friendly and efficient commercial machine tools on the market. Coffee, lawn, garage, washing, repair and many other service industries have supported our product for years and they will continue to for many more years to come. Rather you run a large machine company or a small family , we have a machine tool that’s right for you. it is the key to maintaining a positive atmosphere, a great reputation, and customers who want to use your services for years to come. Our Commercial line is targeted specifically for a Professional situation that requires long-term performance without overheating or breaking of products.

We want to help you take steps towards eliminating messes quickly in a stress-free way so you can get the job done faster and get back to what matters the most – your family waiting at home.

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